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Sustainability through Collaboration

Even though, WSCSD has successfully managed to mobilize the community and the good will of other stakeholders to collaborate in different development projects aimed at empowering the community, the lack of a central community center  for meeting and coordination of such projects remains a big challenge. There is an urgent need to construct a resource center for Sustainable Local Community Development within Nyakongo Village.

The proposed Nyakongo Grassroot Research, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Networking (GREEN) Center also referred to as ‘Nyakongo Sustainable Node’ will act as the operational center for administering Nyakongo2030 programs, a networking center as well as a Centre of Excellence for demonstration .of sustainable infrastructure and technologies.

Nyakongo GREEN Center is envisaged to be a community center accommodating the following spaces and services:

1. Community Research and Development Electronic Database (CORDED)

  • A clearinghouse for research and development work undertaken within Nyakongo village. It is a large database which may be accessed online. It is a central source of information crucial for any organization – be it an NGO, a company, a research organization, or a university – wishing to participate in the exploitation of research results, participate in Nyakongo2030-funded Science and Technology programs, and/or seek partnerships.

2. Agricultural Information Repository (in partnership with KALRO)

  • To carry out research and train farmers on the best and up to date farming practices such as selection of crop varieties, crop rotation soil management and irrigation technologies for high yield and diversity in crop production

3. Climate Change Information Repository

  • It will have a comprehensive Climate Change repository which will allow users to search for organizations involved in Climate Change activities, training organizations, technical experts, scientists and subject matter specialists.
  • Information center for low-carbon technologies and case studies of low-carbon development pathways

4. Cultural Education, Information and Research Center

  • Visual arts through preservation of indigenous knowledge
  • *Refer to the Talent Academy and Cultural Festival write up

5. Digital Market

  • An IT-hub serving as a digital data center for the community’s information on products and services (a virtual market will be managed through it)

7. Science Shop

  • A repository of all scientific research work on the immediate community’s context
  • A Village bureau of statistics with up-to date statistics on the community’s physical, demographics and socioeconomic parameters
  • Citizen Research clearing house with a database on new research needs and themes
  • The secretariat for participatory community based research assisting with data collection. Provides a central place where respondents can collect and submit questionnaires or gather for interviews and focused group discussions

8. Business Development Center

  • An enterprise incubation center providing credible physical contact for start-up village enterprises as well as supporting services
  • Customized short business, management and leadership courses.

 9. Adult Learning Center and Evening Reading camp

  • Provide a conducive learning environment for adult literacy/education
  • Some of the mothers who drop out of school due to early pregnancies and marriages hardly have an alternative environment where they can read (without interruptions and gain access to reading materials)

10. Talent Development Center

  • An arts and sports talent academy to identify and nurture talented youth who can then be introduced on the national, East African and global art, sports and entertainment industries.
  • A performance and theater studio – Nyakongo Studiowill be created to provide space for artistic expression and recreation in a village that is geographically is remote, and that has been the theater for poverty and social exclusion. Nyakongo Studio presents art not as a form of entertainment but as a form of social empowerment. The studio uses different tools—among these, dance, theater, and music—to help the local community imagine an alternative to the hardships of daily life, and understand that they can have a hand in creating a better future.

11. Nyakongo Conference Facility and Eco-Resort

  • A multipurpose hall and amphitheater where will be constructed. These will act as a facility for hosting community gatherings and Nyakongo2030 events such as the proposed Nyakongo Barter Market, Nyakongo Cultural Festival, the annual Nyakongo SD Conference.
  • A village eco-resort comprising of different housing typologies designed to model the future residential building or green homes in this rural village. These designs will emphasize community participation, integration of traditional building designs and local know-how. Legitimizing and giving dignity to the local artisans and community which has so much knowledge about their built form. Tapping into the huge knowledge system that exists within the local culture.