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Sustainability through Collaboration

WSCSD-Kenya team is exploring the following institutional partnerships to implement Nyakongo2030.

Institution Contacts Nature of partnership
Confirmed Partnerships
Safe Water and LED Operatives Worldwide (SWALLOW) www.swallow-inc.org
  • Supported inaugural biosand filters project (124 water filters have already been installed), training on basic hygiene and sanitation
African Center for Technology and Policy Studies (ACTS) www.acts-net.org
  • Support organization of the 1st Nyakongo Sustainable Development Conference. Distribution of Integrated Solar Energy Systems.
  • Community Based Adaptation Research
Nyakongo Dispensary  
  • Provision of interim venue (dispensary’s facilities) for meeting and operations
Young Engineers Foundation for Sustainable Empowerment Olusegun Koleola &

Prof. Martin Kloeti

  • Provide information and technical expertise based on the sustainable node concept.
  • Support the establishment of the 1st Sustainable Node in Nyakongo
Greening Kenya Initiative Trust www.greeningkenyainitiative.com
  • Capacity building through raising of ‘Green Champions’, Bamboo Project, Distribution of low-carbon, green technologies e.g. clean cookstoves
Partnerships being Discussed
Knitting Projects Foundation http://knittingprojectsfoundation.or.ke/
  • Launch of a tailoring project in Nyakongo
Stockholm Environment Institute http://www.sei-international.org/africa  
Partnerships to be Discussed
National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) www.nema.go.ke
  • Support the establishment of Nyakongo GREEN in collaboration with KAM, AAK, KEPSA through the Regional Centers of Expertise (RCEs) on Education for Sustainable Development
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) www.unep.org/training
  • Support through Global Partnership on Environmental Sustainability (GUPES) and Kenya Green Universities Network (KGUN)
National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) www.nacosti.go.ke
  • Support Nyakongo Science Shop and Dissertation for Empowerment Program
WWF – Kenya and Regional Office for Africa wwf.panda.org
  • Contribute through the Eco School Project, Youth Conservation Leadership projects, and the Clean Energy Village Initiative
Care-Kenya www.care.or.ke
  • Contribute through the Kisumu Integrated Family Health Project and Community Based Adaptation
Office of the President, Ministry of Devolution and Planning www.devolutionplanning.go.ke
  • Guidance towards Kenya Vision 2030 Flagship project,
  • Contribute through the National Youth Service
Architectural Association of Kenya www.aak.or.ke
  • Co-organizing the ‘Nyakongo Sustainable Design’ Challenge
The Knitting Projects Foundation www.knittingprojectsfoundation.or.ke
  • To establish a knitting/tailoring enterprise in Nyakongo
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology www.education.go.ke  
Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources www.environment.go.ke  
County Government of Kisumu www.kisumu.go.ke  
Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) www.unesco.or.ke  
Kenya Climate Innovation Center www.kenyacic.org  
Kenya Association of Manufacturers www.kam.co.ke  
Kenya Private Sector Alliance www.kepsa.or.ke  
International Development Research Centre (IDRC) www.idrc.ca  
United Nations Development Program – Kenya (UNDP) www.ke.undp.org